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Our Last Special Offer Email

Scimitar International brings you the widest range of parts and accessories for Mazda MX5 at the most competitive prices. You can place your order online to buy parts spares for MX-5, Eunos Roadster Miata
In This Weeks Communication….
  Scimitar International brings you the widest range of parts and accessories for Mazda MX5 at the most competitive prices. You can place your order online to buy parts spares for MX-5, Eunos Roadster Miata.  
Pack Up And Leave!

10% Off All Touring Products

We’re assured that Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your MX-5 ready for those long weekend drives exploring new roads.

When you need to get all of your belongings into the car we know that the MX-5 is not blessed with natural storage capacity but we can help with the addition of a luggage rack, Boot-Bag or Roadster Luggage.

These items and a whole host of products suited to touring in your MX-5 can be found in our latest sales promotion. Between now and midnight on 31st May 2016, we have our full range of touring products discounted by a minimum of 10% from their normal retail price.

Whether it’s extra storage space, luggage straps or that handy replacement bulb kit that you might need for your next journey – you’ll find it at MX5parts and save 10% during our offer period.



Boot / Luggage Rack, Stainless Steel, Mk1/2/2.5

This really is the ultimate boot rack for the MX-5. Manufactured from 100% stainless steel for total, all weather durability and with a massive 35kg carrying capacity!

WAS £142.93NOW £128.64

Boot Bag Original, Waterproof Luggage

A fantasic alternative to a luggage rack! These superb quality, 100% waterproof bags give a massive 50 litres of extra storage space. Can be fitted and removed in minutes.

WAS £82.50NOW £74.26

Boot Mounted Cycle Rack, All MX5 Models

There is a place where function and form collide. Where practical becomes practically gallery worthy, and this is the place where the Bones rack was conceived by Saris and famed designer Fabio Pedrini.

WAS £114.95NOW £103.46


Boot Bag Shelf Bag, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

A new and ingenious way to increase the storage in your Mk1 & Mk2/2.5! Specifically designed to fit across the parcel shelf behind the seats, it uses the tonneau cover pop studs to fasten securely.

WAS £39.95NOW £35.96

Roadsterbag Luggage

A pair of suitcases designed exclusively for the MX-5.
Each case is perfectly sized to fit exactly into the boot to maximise the carrying capacity. Made from very lightweight materials but also very strong and with hard sides.

WAS £115.15NOW £103.64

European Travel Kit

It’s not just safe and sensible to have the right kit when you’re driving – in much of Europe it’s also the law. To avoid on-the-spot fines when driving abroad in popular European destinations, make sure you have all the compulsory or recommended equipment.

WAS £24.95NOW £22.46


Boot Liner, Mazda MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75

Top quality, boot liner, waterproof, protect your boot carpet from mud and spills. Manufactured for an exact fit on your Mk3 MX-5. Has the MX-5 logo Embossed.

WAS £59.52NOW £53.57

Bulb & Fuse Kit, MX5 Mk3 Halogen

We are thrilled to now have in stock these 100% vehicle specific bulb and fuse kits from IL Motorsport!

WAS £18.95NOW £17.06

Boot / Luggage Rack With Brake Lamp, Soft Top, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75

Top quality luggage rack for the Mk3 soft top comes with a deep chrome finish. A top quality accessory from Mazda Europe.

WAS £310.80NOW £279.72


Roadster Luggage Bags, MX5 Mk4

Made from the highest quality materials, the set consists of three lockable storage bags that have been specifically designed to make the most of the space in the Mk4 boot.

WAS £179.95NOW £161.96

Boot / Luggage Rack, Carbon Fibre, MX5 Mk4

Genuine Mazda carbon fibre luggage rack. Stunning looking and ultra light weight, this carbon fibre rack is guaranteed to turn heads, as well as provide you with some much needed extra carrying space!

WAS £515.66NOW £464.10

First Aid Kit

Not a legal requirement, but still a wise idea to carry, especially when touring. This compact and lightweight first aid kit is perfect for treating minor injuries.

WAS £9.95NOW £8.96

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