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Rear Discs, EBC Ultra Quiet Sports, MX5 Mk1 1.6
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Rear Discs, EBC Ultra Quiet Sports, MX5 Mk1 1.6

EBC Ultimax Blackdash Ultra Quiet Sports Rear Disc Set

The narrower multi slot design of the Ultimax sport disc and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined creates a quiet running sport disc that still has benefits of removing gas, dirt, water and debris and maintaining parallel pad wear.

EBC have always been honest enough to say that the biggest advantage of slotted discs is the fact that they promote flat and parallel pad wear rather than allowing ridges to develop on pads and discs which is typical of "drilled only" sport discs. By preventing these ridges brakes stay more consistent throughout pad and disc wear life.

The discs are supplied black in colour, but this coating will wear off after a few hours use leaving only the grooves black.

Fits all Mk1 1.6 models, 1989>1998

Priced as a boxed pair, one left hand and one right hand.

Please Note: Left Hand Drive Automatic cars from 1990>1998 used 1.8 brake discs and pads. Right Hand Drive Automatics used 1.6 components. If in doubt, please check the diameter of your discs.

Only:    £96.43 ex Vat
VAT:      £19.29
Total:    £115.72 inc Vat

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