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Door Mirror, Electric Only, MX5 Mk2/2.5
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Door Mirror, Electric Only, MX5 Mk2/2.5

Genuine Mazda Part

Genuine Mazda standard replacement electric door mirrors. Available pre-painted in all available Mazda body colours. Please select which side and colour you require from the drop down box below.

Fits all right and left hand drive UK and European Mk2 & 2.5 models, 1998>2002. The left hand mirrors will fit Australian models, however the right hand won't as the glasses are different.

Please Note: These are standard electric mirrors, but are NOT heated. Mazda fitted electric only mirror from 1998 to about 2002, when they then changed to electric and heated mirrors. If you are unsure as to which ones you have, please email your chassis number to sales@mx5parts.co.uk and we will check for you. Alternatively, you can check yourself by removing the door card and speaker and having a look at the plug. If the there are only three wires (black brown and blue) coming from the mirror, then you have electric only, and if there are five wires (black, brown blue and two purple) they are electric and heated.

Instructions for removing the door cards (This has to be done in any event to fit the mirror as the electrical plug is inside the door panel) -

  1. Remove the two trim clips at the back edge of the door card, and the one in the front face at the top.
  2. Remove the large phillips screw inside the hole in the door pull.
  3. Remove the small cloth trim inside the door pull, and the small phillips screw it uncovers.
  4. Remove the small phillips screw inside the door handle cup, operate the handle as if you were opening the door, and pull out the plastic cup.
  5. Give a gentle tug around the bottom edge of the door card to release the last of the clips, and lift the whole trim upwards to remove.
  6. Caution at this point though as if you have "tweeters" in the door, you need to unplug them before you can remove the card completely.
  7. Unscrew the speaker and remove.
  8. The plug for the mirror is attached inside the door just above where the speaker sits. If you look at the door panel, there is a small almost square grey clip sticking through. That is that back of the plug. To remove, squeeze the sides of the clip together and push it forward. The plug can then be lowered carefully and looked at through the speaker hole.


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