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High Performance 8mm Ignition Leads, MX5 1.8L Mk2.5 Only
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High Performance 8mm Ignition Leads, MX5 1.8L Mk2.5 Only

High Performance 8mm ignition lead set

Ignition leads are essential to the life of your MX-5. Automobile manufacturers incorporate three ignition wire technologies in their vehicles, either resistor wire leads with wire-wound resistors in the cable, carbon suppressed wire, or ignition wire with copper core where the suppression resistor is incorporated within the connectors. Faulty ignition wires can damage catalystic converters. Therefore when replacing wires you should always replace them with a quality wire set. This quality wire set guarantees ignition cycle precision, optimum engine performance and low fuel consumption - reflecting the quality of original equipment. These wires are made to our specification and utilize Beru connectors because they are the finest available. 40,000 volts, temperatures up to 500 deg.F, vibrations, salt water, road dust, cleaning agents……these are just a few of the continuous demands to which connectors are subject day-in , day-out.

Available in Red, Blue, Black and Yellow

Fits all 1.8 Mk2.5 models, 2001>2005, with only 2 ignition leads. (The other two are coil packs directly fitted to the spark plug)

Please note: The 1.8 Mk2.5 facelift only has two ignition leads. The other two are coils fitted directly to the spark plugs. When you only receive two leads in the box, this IS correct! Please check whether you have two or four leads before ordering.


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