Which MX-5 Model Have I Got ?
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Which MX-5 Model Have I Got ?

Mk1 (NA) 1989 – 1998

First generation MX5 models were built between 1989 and 1998 and are known as the MK1. They are also referred to by their model code, NA. This is the next part of the UK chassis number. All cars that start JMZ NA will be a MK1, and the Japanese Eunos vin number will begin with just NA. In many peoples opinion the most iconic version of the MX5, the MK1\’s most distinctive feature is its “pop up” headlights, whereas all subsequent versions of the MX5 have “fixed” lamps. When it was first launched in Japan in 1989 (then subsequently in the UK in 1990), the Mk1 was only available with a 1.6 litre 114 bhp engine, and in the UK this remained the case until the 130 bhp 1.8 was launched in 1993. From that point Mazda only supplied a 1.8 version in th UK, but in April 1995 they made both the 1.6 and 1.8 models available, the 1.6 being a new lower powered 90 bhp version. They also introduced the 1.8is model which had ABS, drivers airbag, power steering and electric mirrors as standard. The Mk1 remained largely unchanged in the UK until production ceased in late 1997, with exception of the very last batch of cars, which were delivered with a high level brake light in the boot lid.

The only exception to this are the large number of special editions that were produced. The factory in Japan produced lots of specials for their own market, however the UK ones were not done at the factory. The UK importer (MCL at the time) bought mostly standard vehicles from Japan and were allowed to enhance and even respray them at their facility in Sheerness to create a whole series of specials editions intended to increase desirability and in-turn sales. The rarest of these was one of the first to be done, the Le Mans. Only 24 were ever built (although officially only 22 were actually resprayed) and they were created to celebrate Mazdas victory with the quad rotor 787B at Le Mans, the first Japanese car ever to win the event. Apart from the distinctive orange and green paint job, the Le Mans was well equipped with a BBR Turbo conversion, body kit, rear spoiler, electric windows, power steering, central locking and an alarm. They also came with a wallet containing a card signed by the Le Mans winning driver, Jonny Herbert. Other specials soon followed including the Gleneagles, named after the famous Hotel and Golf Club in Scotland; the very popular California which came in a vibrant sunburst yellow; and later on the Dakar, Monza and Harvard to name but a few. All benefited from enhancements such as alloy wheels, stereo systems, and countless different interior upgrades.

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So which model do you have?

Summary –

Model Model Code Production Dates Main Distinguishing Features
Mk1 NA 1989 – 1998 Pop up head lights
Mk2 NB 1998 – 2000 Fixed headlights
Mk2.5 NB-FL 2001 – 2005 Openings for fog lamps in the front bumper
Mk3 NC 2005 – 2008 Complete redesign with the car being longer and wider
Mk3.5 NC-FL 2009 – 2013 Larger grille opening and “leaf” shaped fog lamp openings
Mk3.75 NC-FL2 2013 – 2015 Even larger grille opening and squarer fog lamp openings
Mk4 ND 2015 on Awesome new looks

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