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MX5Parts Windscreen Top Sticker
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MX5Parts Windscreen Top Sticker

MX5 Parts are proud to announce that we are now the main sponsor for the 2011 Ma5da MX5 Championship. To celebrate this, we have had produced some of the high quality laminated windscreen top stickers as used in the race series.

Large enough to fit all Mk1, Mk2/2.5, Mk3 & 3.5 models, 1989>

Please Note: Car NOT included!

Fitting Instructions:

1) Make sure the screen is clean and silicone free.
2) If dry fitting, place screentop in position on screen then either tape bottom edge to screen or two people hold tight in position, Score carefully over the screentop to follow the edge of the windscreen rubber. TAKE YOUR TIME with this bit -  the neater the score the better the finished job.
3) Cut around the score mark with a stanley knife or scalpel.
4) Place back on position on screen and check if all is OK.
5) First fitting option is to tape half way down on the car with masking tape and peel the backing off the second half. Cut the backing do not rip as a ripped edge will leave paper in the vinyl. From the centre across, using a squeegee, sweep gently in overlaps until fully stuck down.
6) As with the first half, remove the tape and backing paper and from the centre squeegee down. If there are any air bubbles pop at the EDGES with a pin or scalpel, not in the middle of the bubble or this will create more bubbles.
7) Wet fitting may be easier for you first time. Mix four drops of washing up liquid in to a spray bottle and spray screen and screentop remove backing before spraying screen top. Try not to put your fingers on the edges of screen top as this is where most tack is needed. place and slide on to position on the screen, sweep from the middle out firmly to remove the water. This will need to be done several times. Leave to allow evaporation until dry. Trim edges neat with scalpel or knife if needed.
If you crease the vinyl a GENTLE warm with a heat gun will remove crease and start again


Only:    £20.79 ex Vat
VAT:      £4.16
Total:    £24.95 inc Vat

Please Note: Customers outside the EU will only pay the excluding VAT price. MX5 Parts have a clear pricing policy where we will always show the total price you pay. When comparing prices, please be aware that many other suppliers show their prices without VAT

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