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Snow Socks, The Ultimate Package! All MX5 Models, 1989>2015
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Snow Socks, The Ultimate Package! All MX5 Models, 1989>2015

For those of you looking for the ultimate solution for getting you out of trouble this winter, here we have the ultimate snow sock package! We have put together a bundle which includes two pairs of quality snow socks, and with it you get a fantastic folding snow shovel, and a handy little head torch absolutely FREE!

These great quality, easy to fit snow socks are the perfect solution for getting you out of trouble in icy and snowy conditions. Supplied as two pairs, giving the same amount of grip on both the front and rear, they work using lightweight, hi-tech materials that not only increase the surface area that is in contact with the ground, the increased pressure applied from the knotted material helps melt the ice or snow giving a unique grip that significantly improves driving and braking all round on ice and snow. The inner surface is also made of a high friction material which helps avoid any slipping between the sock and the tyre. Other features include:

  • Easier to fit and far more stable to drive on than chains
  • Supplied in a zipped bag for easy storage
  • Comes with a pair of disposable gloves and a waterproof bag to put them in when they are wet
  • TUV approved for use across Europe

These are supplied depending on specific tyre sizes, so please ensure you check your tyres BEFORE ordering and then select your specific tyre size from the drop down box below. We stock all the most common sizes fitted to the MX5, however if yours is not listed, please contact us on sales@mx5parts.co.uk and we can source a set for you.

Fitting Instructions:

Simply slip the socks over the top of each tyre and pull them on as far round as you can, then roll the car forward about 1 metre and fit the remaining part ensuring they are fitting centrally all the way round. They will also fully centre themselves after about 500m of driving. To remove, simply pull them from the top and as far around as possible, then as before, roll the car forward about a metre and you are done!

If you only want a pair of snow socks for the driving wheels, click here!

Disclaimer: These are designed specifically as an emergency device to help get you out of trouble on ice and snow at speeds of no more than 30mph. Using snow socks on normal roads without snow or ice, or driving at high speed will destroy them and this will not be covered by any warranty. Once you are back on a normal road surface, and it is safe to stop, you must remove the snow socks. It is also recommended that once removed they are left to fully dry before stowing them away and that they are inspected thoroughly before re-using.

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