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Water Pump, Aftermarket, MX5 Mk1 1.6

SKU: SI8293

Top quality aftermarket replacement water pump with a metal impeller supplied complete with gaskets.

Fits all 1.6 Mk1 models, 1989>1998

Don't forget you'll need coolant! Click here


Based on 6 reviews

Dave Pritlove
I had coolant leaking from the front of the engine, only discovered when my radiator burst and the temperature gauge went to maximum. I ordered a new water pump, radiator, thermostat and gasket and new belts (as only the alternator belt had been changed since I bought my Mk1 150,000 km ago). I'd inspected all hoses and they appeared ok.Ordered early afternoon and that evening I sprayed as many nuts as I could access, with WD40 to help when coming to remove them. Next morning I checked the order tracking to find expected delivery was 1400-1500. On cue, the order arrived just as I was finishing parts removal and cleaning the old gasket off the water pump mount. Apart from half the screws retaining the plastic cover under the engine front breaking, everything came off OK.Fitting the pump was a little fiddly but not difficult. It took quite a while to clean off all traces of the old gaskets and it was easy to miss bits so take time. Holding the new gasket, and the smaller side-entry gasket, in place was almost impossible and I eventually resorted to tacking them in place with vaseline - a practice which I believe is frowned upon but I judged it less risky than kinking the gaskets. I also gave up on the top rubber dust seal as I could find no way of keeping it in place. There was not one fitted to the pump I took off and I was worried a poorly fitted version might catch in the timing belt. The new pump had a cast metal impeller, the one I took off was pressed stainless steel. The outer rotating plate onto which the pulley fits was a circular disk on the new pump, rather than the three-spoke hub on the old one and as shown on the picture for the new item. This made it impossible to secure one of the dust cover retaining bolts unless it was inserted part way into the cover before positioning the cover - easy to work out but worth a mention.The hardest part of reassembly was accessing the two bolts holding the side-entry feed to seal the gasket. It was not possible to get a torque wrench on them so I tightened as evenly as possible with an open ended spanner. This was slow as only a small turn could be made each time due to access. Incidentally, the removed pump spun freely and was probably perfectly ok to refit, there does not seem to be much to go wrong with them other than bearings. In most cases, I suspect, new gaskets are all that would be required but the work would be exactly the same.
18/05/2018 12:16:11
Romain Dremaux
Hi,I bought this item on July 2011, fitted on September 2011, I first had coolant leakage coming from the poor main gasket coming with this waterpump.I decided on January 2013 to replace both gaskets (main and secondary) with metal OEM gaskets.But... when fitting the waterpump again I realized one of the 2 screws (fixing the secondary gasket) was turning wrong: in fact the "bolt" of the waterpump had broken at only 15 Nm!!!!!Wow, what a poor item as Mazda indicates to fix these screws between 19 and 25 Nm...
26/01/2013 12:16:30
Roy Lee
A great Aftermarket waterpump. It fits well and the blades are made out of metal and not plastic as in other reviews. The engine now sounds a lot quieter, compared to my old worn bearings on my original waterpump. I also took the oportunity to replace my Timing belt while I had the timing belt off.Again next day delivery......Thank you!
11/10/2012 12:16:32
Barry Spiers
Arrived quickly but the impeller was broken. I called to inform mx5parts but they would not send another until I returned this one, I find their lack of trust very annoying!! This was part of a large order costing £270, in addition to this part being broken there was also a missing part from the order (oil pump O Ring). This is the 3rd time I have had to return goods that were incorrect or broken, you really need to get a grip!!I am seriously considering not using mx5parts again as their customer service has reduced dramatically over the last few - I returned the water pump recorded next day delivery, it cost £9.05p and I want that money back!!Barry SpiersEditor Note: Sorry to hear you have experienced problems with this order and the service you recieved. Someone will be in touch with you very soon to get to discuss the situation and get the matter resolved.
23/04/2012 12:16:34
thomas piotrowski
plastic blade instead of metal...hmmmm time will tell if it is good stuff. Gaskets are all present, very good.Thomas
31/03/2010 12:16:50
E C Taylor-moran
part arrived quickly - great service. Garage fitted it for me and a new timing belt for 4 hours labour. They were surprised how perfectly it fitted as it was an aftermarket part. mx5parts came up trumps again!
16/03/2009 12:16:59

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