Five things you need to buy for your new Mazda MX5 Mk3 - MX5 Parts Info
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Five things you need to buy for your new Mazda MX5 Mk3 - MX5 Parts Info

MK3 5 things you'll want to do

If there’s a shiny new Mk3 (NC) just landed on your drive, here are 5 things you’ll want to consider

  1. MZR engines relish fresh coolant and if you’re not sure when it was changed it’s a sensible precaution. As standard it needs changing every two years but if your car has ‘FL22’ on the radiator cap it can take the special long-life coolant, which can be bought ready mixed.
  2. The standard springs on the Mk3 can leave the car looking more like a 4×4, the ride height creating an ugly gap in the wheelarches and making for unpredictable on-limit handling. A set of lowering springs can transform the way the car looks and drives, quality items like those from Eibach matched to the dampers and ready to transform any Mk3. Choose from a 30mm drop for Mk3s, 35mm drop for facelifted Mk3.5s and Mk3.75s 45mm drop on progressively wound Sport springs for a sporty stance and no compromise in ride quality.
  3. Worn anti-roll bar drop links are a common issue on Mk3s and can result in rattly suspension – new ones are a simple fix that can transform the driving experience and can be bought as genuine Mazda parts or, for enthusiasts, adjustable aftermarket items.
  4. Do you know when your spark plugs were changed? It should have been done at the 62,500-mile/five-year major service but if you don’t have any service history or have a low-mileage car it may be worth doing for optimum performance. Genuine Mazda kits are available for the 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre models, a spark plug socket is a worthwhile investment if you’re doing the job yourself.
  5. Worried about getting a puncture? Mk3s don’t come with a spare tyre or even a spacesaver like the one supplied with Mk1s and Mk2s. For ultimate peace of mind this kit includes a spacesaver wheel and tyre, wheelbrace and jack, though bear in mind it won’t fit in folding hardrop RC versions. If that’s you, or you don’t want to lose out on boot space, it’s worth making sure your sealant is fresh, genuine Mazda fluid available here while compressor kits are available here.

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