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Trim Springs, MX5 Mk1


Want it a bit lower?

Our exclusive 'Trim' springs lower your 5 by half an inch at the front and three quarters at the rear and are just 15% firmer than the standard spring.

These are a newer version that we are now having manufactured for us here in the UK and powder coated in red.

Fits all Mk1 models, 1989>1998


Based on 12 reviews

Christopher Hubbard
These are interesting.They are most definitely not very well finished - the powder coat has gaps in it, they're not cleanly cut at either end and, as others have remarked, they're not ground flat at the top or bottom either (I'm not so bothered about this; plenty of other spring manufactures don't bother to do this either).However, they do seem to work quite well with (brand new) standard shock absorbers, meaning that they reduce the ride height without ruining the ride.I would really like MX-5 Parts to publish the spring rates, though, as the description is a little vague and I'd like a better idea of exactly what I'm dealing with.As it stands, they're forming part of what is literally the fifth different suspension set up I've run on my mk1, and I'm pretty pleased with how it's working out so far. Fingers crossed they last a little longer for me than some have experienced...
29/10/2020 12:16:04
Leif Rosas
I had to buy a set because of one broken spring at the front.10 months later all 4 springs where broken again! These are simply of very poor building quality and should be avoided.Price does not matter, it is the garage cost and time that DO matter.
28/04/2018 12:16:12
Michael Hamilton
Ah well, here we go again..... 2 weeks ago I found a price of spring on my driveway. My car was due a service and I suspected the worst regarding the Trim Springs. Well my fears were justified, 2 broken springs again.I am afraid that the Durability of the Trim Springs is in question here. The last time this happened, I was offered a set of springs for half price but I still had to pay for fitting, my view is that this is unacceptable now.I think that the main issue with the Trim Springs is that the ends are not scarfed but are left cut at right angles preventing the springs from rotating under compression and extension and causing the springs to break.I am really sorry to have to be posting this as I thought that the issue of broken springs had been resolved.Editors Note:-Thanks for the feedback Mr. Hamilton and we\'re sorry to hear that the problem of the broken rear spring has re-occurred. We have passed all previous feedback to the manufacturer but they assure us that the springs are tested and fit for purpose. Although now out of the 12 month manufacturer warranty period, if you\'d like to get in contact with us we\'ll be happy to try and assist in providing a solution to the problem for you.
18/12/2014 12:16:22
Michael Hamilton
Further update to my last post. I spoke to Mark at MX5 parts and I was offered a replacement set of Trim Springs at a discount which I accepted. The reason for this is that these springs are not available in pairs or singly.I had these fitted at my local trusted garage and the car passed the MoT. I do feel the replacement pair of front springs fitted, ( there was no reason to change the rears), are slightly more compliant than the ones that snapped.I feel I have had excellent service from MX5 parts and while I also accept that broken springs are an issue on the NA MX5, I still feel suspension springs should last longer than 7 - 8k miles. No one I have spoken to appears to have a reason why the NA model appears to suffer from suspension spring breakages.I would like to give MX5 Parts 5* for customer service but the jury is still out on the durability of the Trim Springs.
01/06/2013 12:16:29
Michael Hamilton
Update: My initial review in September 2011 was quite glowing for these springs, however, my car has just failed it\'s MoT yesterday as one of the front springs was found to be broken after about 8,000 miles. I am now faced with the expense of purchasing new springs and getting them fitted, so I will be considerably out of pocket. I think I will go back to the standard springs.On this basis, I am downgrading my review as they appear to be not suitable for purpose. Sorry, no reflection on MX5 Parts, just overal performance and durability of the product.Editors Note: Thanks for the review and sorry to hear you have experienced problems with these springs. We have sold literally hundreds of sets over the past few years and as we have suffered no other problems such as this we would have to conclude that they are fit for purpose. Mk1\'s are fairly prone to breaking springs which is evident by the sheer number we sell. It is also worth noting that the springs on your car needed replacing in the first place due to one being broken. All said and done though we pride ourselves on the levels of service we provide and the products we sell so a member of the sales team will be in touch soon to see what we can do to help.
10/05/2013 12:16:29
Michael Hamilton
Well it's now 2 months and quite a few months down the road since I had these springs fitted and my opinion hasn't changed. The ride quality hasn't suffered, the car has nice, precise turn-in, the ride quality is fine and it goes over the dreaded "speed humps" with no drama or bodily contact! I am more than happy with my purchase and the overall effect it has had on my car. An added bonus is that the car is just low enough to mainyain that nice purposeful stance too. A very good buy!
09/12/2011 12:16:39
Michael Hamilton
I am a new owner and my car is '96 Merlot with 46k on the clock. It broke a front spring, so I agonised whether to lower it and go for Eibach springs or keep it closet to stock. After phoning and chatting, I decided to keep it close to stock ride height and went for these TrimSprings.I ordered these springs and a set on shock absorber boots and bump stops on M on day morning and they arrived just 22 hours after! Remarkable service!!!!I had them fitted by a local garage who remarked on what anise clean car it was! Anyway, after a day driving the car, I think I have made the right choice. It no longer crashes over bumps although it is slightly firmer. The close to stock ride height means that it still gets over the local speed bumps quite easily with no drama.All in all, I am impressed but very impressed indeed with the level of service I have received from MX5 Parts. Any further comments on the springs will be reported.
30/09/2011 12:16:40
adrian KIDD
Appear like standard springs cut down and required shaving for a flat fit. Handling much, much better with a firmer ride that is not uncomfortable. There is certainly a noticeable improvement in responsiveness and cornering is much better. There is a subtle difference with the car lowered slightly presenting a nicer profile. Conveniently labelled F and R and installation completed rapidly and with ease. Excellent service and delivery as always.
20/08/2010 12:16:47
mark fellows
As per previous posts I was a little dissapointed to find the coil ends were not finished flat and appeared to look like standard springs cut down.The ride height also seems to have dropped by more than the specifications suggest.However, I was impresed with the prompt delivery and the ease of fitting.Handling is sharper (after full 4 wheel alignment) but ride quality has suffered a little ,which is to be expected I suppose.Think the old saying goes "you get what you pay for"
06/02/2010 12:16:51
Jonathan Lawes
Not very impressed really, they appear to be standard springs cut down. The spring platform isn't even reshaped to give a flat seat. I wish I had bought Jamex 40mm as I had on my previous MX5, they gave more progressive bump handling.Both cars were fitted with identical KYB shocks, but the ride was better from the Jamex (and I paid less for them).On the positive side, the springs are clearly marked front and rear to avoid mistakes, and are painted a delightfully standard looking gloss black.
17/09/2009 12:16:54

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